Reflexology is based on the treatment of reflex areas, or what is the same, on massaging certain areas that are the reflection, in a specific area of ​​the body (the foot in this case).

This has its origin in the discovery of allopathic medicine, in which it was observed that due to the primary embryonic organization in segments, there are interconnections between internal organs and areas of the skin.

Thus, it is typical, reflected bladder pain in the shoulder, heart conditions reflected in the left arm or even reflected stomach pain related to conditions of the dorsal spine.

The Foot Reflexology takes advantage of the knowledge on the connections of nerves between internal segments of organs, muscles and skin, to influence on a reflex level, on ailments from the outside.

This application technique is suitable for creating stimulation in the reflex zones of the feet that reinforce bodily functions [1].

Why the foot?

There are different fields of reflex zones, but we have chosen the foot for: its size, makes it comfortable to handle and its sensitivity.

These two premises make the foot the reflex zone of the body where the most therapeutic efficacy is obtained [2].

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